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TEACH YOUR SONS TO RESPECT WOMEN : Freedom for Women from Violence Campaign #unwomenindia #womensright #halfthesky
At the end of 2012 India and the world was rocked with the news of the horrific gang rape and murder of a beautiful young woman whose future was beyond bright. In order to continue the outcry by the public for more safety for women ‘UN Women India’ set about on a huge campaign to increase awareness and have people stand up to fight violence against women. I had never entered a photo competition before but this was a cause I felt strongly and passionate about. I spent three days in Dharavi, Mumbai talking with people about their views & hearing stories. There were a lot of discussions that went on in the community which was more important than the photos for sure… I entered one in the competition and it was one of the top 3 chosen to further advocate for Women’s Freedom from violence: this is the simple image! 

Hunza, Pakistan.

Cedric Houin

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